IAGG-ER 2015 Accepted Poster Guidelines

You are asked to follow these guidelines when preparing your paper for poster presentation:

  • All posters are required to conform to PORTRAIT ORIENTATION. Failure to follow this requirement will mean that the poster will NOT FIT on the allotted board.
  • Poster BOARD dimensions = 1 m wide x 2.25 m high. If printing on one page, use size A0 PORTRAIT ORIENTATION (0.84 x 1.19 m). Alternatively, a number of smaller sheets can be used to create a larger collage, but do not go beyond a maximum ‘layout’ height of 1.5 m.
  • Posters should be clear and easy to read. Type size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 metres. (Minimum of 1 cm high for text and 2.5 cm high for titles). DO NOT REDUCE TEXT SIZE IN ORDER TO FIT MORE INFORMATION ONTO THE POSTER.
  • Design the poster to convey a CLEAR MESSAGE. If this is not obvious to the reader after reading the introduction, the message is NOT CLEAR and the reader will move on to an alternative poster, which provides the correct impact.
  • Avoid overload – too much information seriously detracts from the overall impact. LESS IS BEST!
  • The SIMPLE use of colour can enhance a presentation, but avoid the temptation towards art!
  • Consider the use of a suitable photograph, but do not include as a background to the poster. Keep Logos to a minimum and discreet. 
  • Proof-read the poster, and get others to do so as well.
  • Due to numbers of abstracts submitted, each poster will be allocated a specific day for viewing, and a specific numbered board.  Your poster will be given a number, please place it on that posterboard only and remove it at the end of that day.  Velcro will be available to attach posters to boards.